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System Notes & Updates as of 8/26/2016

System Update Notice - August 26, 2016
White Labeling and Real-time Service Update:

As of August 2016 White Labeling and Real-time services will no longer be offered. We recommend using a 3rd party service such as LinkTrack, Atlas DMT, or Double Click for your real-time analytics needs. If you are currently using a White Label reporting platform you will be moved to our non-White Label system within the next 2-3 months. Please contact your rep for more details and info.

System Update Notice - July 18, 2016:
As of July 18th 2016 is changing reporting frequencies and change times. Campaigns that run through-out the week will report on the following schedule.

• Monday - Tuesday - Reporting will be available on Thursday.
• Wednesday - Thursday - Reporting will be available on Monday of the following week.
• Friday - Reporting will be available on Tuesday of the following week.
• Saturday - Reporting will be available on Wednesday of the following week.
• Sunday - Reporting will be available on Thursday of the following week.

5, 7 and 10-Day reporting now available:
Need more reporting updates? No worries! has got you covered. If you need to see continual updates to your reports after our traditional 3-day reporting period, we can continue to update your stats up to 10-days out.

System Update Notice - January 1, 2016:
As of January 1st, 2016, tracking can now be requested as Unique, Gross, and/or both please email us directly at our Info @ address, or request this from your sales rep when placing an order. This service cannot be requested after campaign has already deployed.

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